Thinking and Touching Time

Thinking and Touching Time
Michael AmbronYevgeniya BarasPaul DemuroAustin LeeLarissa MellorDustin Metz, S.E NashDona NelsonMike OlinNickola PottingerEric SchnellWinnie SidhartaPaul SimmonsNicholas Sullivan, and Lauren Whearty
Curated by Zahar Vaks
March 13 – April 12, 2015

Opening Reception:
March 13, 2015, 6:00pm

The Old American Can Factory
363 Third Avenue, Ground Floor
Brooklyn, New York 11215

Eschewing a linguistic explanation as a stand-in for the experience of the work, the curator’s notes point to the intended effect:

“It is important to take time and make something. At times it is valuable to be a romantic. Leave room for imagination.

This show addresses the passage of time by the various material narratives of the artists. This is actualized through the way the surface is built; the way the color is layered. There may be a mode of observation. An example of recording in real time or a recall from memory. Sometimes the timing in the work is structured and specific, other times it may feel elusive or timeless. This allows for multiple meanings. There is potential for narrative simultaneously  fused with the possibility of a non-verbal experience.”

Zahar Vaks was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. He moved to the United States after the dissolution of the U.S.S.R. He received his BFA from Tyler School of Art and his MFA from The Ohio State University. He has shown in Philadelphia, New York, Columbus, Vienna, Galveston, and Hammond, Indiana. He participated in the yearlong Galveston Artist Residency in 2012-2013. He currently lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, where he is a Chashama Studio Resident.